Optimization software that materially boosts earnings from existing programmatic channels.

Uplift empowers ad operations teams to optimise programmatic revenues by applying machines where manual work has reached its limit. From turnkey solutions to deep customisation, we help them capture the full potential of their existing channels and unequivocally demonstrate the impact or their work.

We provide publishers with advanced automatic optimization tools and the means to simply and clearly quantify their effect.


Publishers typically work with a number of SSPs and header bidders to monetize their inventory. Still, publishers can earn substantially higher revenues by actively managing the allocation and requests and pricing across its multiple yield partners. Doing so manually at scale, however, is a near impossible task for a human.


Uplift is a fully automated yield management software that applies machine learning and other advanced methods to optimize publishers’ revenues from programmatic advertising – effortlessly and without the investment otherwise needed.

Substantially higher


Fast and easy

Quantifiable and
transparent effect

How it works


Identifying optimal business rules

Uplift automatically identifies and implements the business rules that results in the largest revenue increase for the publisher

Scientifically verifying the uplift

The revenue uplift is objectively and transparently measured using A/B-tests and statistical analysis. The bottom line is displayed in an intuitive UI.

Adapting to prevailing market conditions

Powered by machine learning, Uplift automatically explores how the optimal business rules change over time and adapts accordingly.

Customizing to the client

Uplift customizes its approach to each client to assure that all of its data assets are put to good use.

About Us

Uplift is for publishers, by publishers.

Having worked with yield management on the publisher side ourselves, we saw that it is possible to substantially increase revenues by conducting scientifically informed optimization.

But we also saw that it is physically impossible to efficiently manage the large number of levers that publishers can pull to influence their earnings manually.

Technology, on the other hand,  could handle it superbly well.

We also became fundamentally convinced of the necessity to prove, verify and measure any claims made about optimizing revenues in a transparent and accessible way.

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